Automatic People Counting

Easy analysis of visitor statistics

Explore how you can measure and control your visitor occupancy and movement automatically, anonymously and cost-effectively.

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Automatic People Counting with Intelligent Sensor

With our precise sensor for people counting you can determine and analyze the number of people in your buildings. With our intelligent and proven algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence a number of applications can be realized.

  • Reliable people counting (entries and exits)
  • Analysis of sales areas and marketing strategies
  • Display of the occupancy of people in the business in real time
  • Maximum person capacity is configurable
  • Several cameras and sensors can be combined
  • Recognition of edge cases (e.g. increased number of people, moving objects, reversals)
  • Data can be stored and analyzed in the long term
  • Quick and easy self-installation in 60 minutes

People Recognition with Maximum Precision

Using the time-of-flight technology, the sensor generates a highly accurate elevation profile of the environment, enabling precise counting of people.

Closed door - person walks past the entrance and is therefore not counted separately.
Two people walk arm in arm through the door and are reliably detected.
Objects such as baby carriages and shopping carts are automatically excluded.

Easy Installation and Mounting

The system can handle different types and sizes of passages, and the combination of several sensors is also possible.

  • Installation over entrance, exit and passage areas
  • Can also be used in harsh environments thanks to IP65 protection class
  • Usable from -10°C to 50° C
  • Mounting height from 3 m to 5 m
  • Angle of opening 70°
Mounting height in [m]
Coverage up to 2 m in person size [m]

Analysis of Visitor Data and Display of Visitor Occupancy in Real Time

Analytics DS is a digital tool for visual data analysis that allows you to translate your counting data into meaningful information. This includes the clear presentation of various diagrams, key figures and tables of all relevant information.

We create transparency so that you can make the right decisions.

In-Depth Analysis

Display the visitor load and evaluate when visitor peaks occur. Make the right decisions about the use of your resources.

Intuitive Displays

Enable your customers and visitors to observe the current occupancy. This allows you to effectively control the number of customers who are in your store at any one time.

Automatic & Manual Counting

In addition to the automatic counting through sensors, you can also perform counts manually thanks to an intuitive user interface.

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