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Fill Level and Complete­ness Inspection

Reliably check the placement, fill level and completeness of your products, packaging and production carriers with AI vision systems from Data Spree. With the help of AI-based image processing, objects and filling states are detected and deviations and incompleteness are identified in real time. Use artificial intelligence to sustainably increase the process reliability of your production and logistics processes.

Fill Level and Complete­ness Inspection

Our AI vision fill level and completeness control enables reliable inspection of products, packaging and production carriers for correct filling and placement. Our AI can be flexibly trained on different objects and products, regardless of material, surface or geometry. Our solutions are real-time capable and thus able to reliably detect the fill level or placement also at high processing speeds.

  • Reliable inspection for completeness
  • Detection and classification of fill levels
  • Flexibly applicable to different objects, products, packaging and production carriers
  • Localization of filling errors
  • Reliable at high processing speeds
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System for AI-based Quality Inspection

Optical Unit

  • Camera systems for imaging
  • Manufacturer-independent and highly expandable
  • Existing systems can be easily integrated
  • Individual camera and illumination design

AI Computing Unit

  • Computing unit for the execution of the AI
  • Manufacturer-independent and flexibly expandable
  • Easy integration into facility system
  • Communication via plant interfaces (PLC)
  • Individual design according to performance requirements possible

AI Software

  • AI for visual inspection
  • User interface for display and configuration
  • Data collection and statistics functions

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