AI Surface Inspection

Reliable and fast detection of  defects on painted and coated surfaces.

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What is AI Surface Inspection?

Various defects and flaws occur during the production, painting and coating of surfaces. These surface defects are often difficult to detect and remove during production. This often leads to poor production quality and high manual efforts in quality assurance.

With our AI-based surface inspection system, even small and complex surface defects of all kinds are reliably and automatically detected and localized. This means that defective components can be automatically removed directly in the production process and excellent production quality can be consistently ensured.
Compact Industrial Inspection System
Robust, high-resolution camera systems in combination with lighting technology make every surface defect detectable.
Cutting-edge Vision AI
Algorithm for detecting surface defects in real time, based on Data Spree's deep learning technology.
Credit card mockups

Robust Defect Detection

Our flexible AI system detects all sorts of defects

Paint Spots
Orange Peel
Lacquer Runners
Inline inspection system for reflective surfaces

Breaking New Ground in Automatic Surface Inspection

Improve your quality assurance processes with our AI-driven fully integrated inspection system. Industrial state-of-the-art camera and lighting technology meets advanced AI algorithms to detect surface defects quickly and accurately, ensuring reliable and efficient quality assurance in production
Fully integrated inspection system
Fully automated inline and exline inspection
High-resolution industrial camera technology
Powerful industrial lighting technology
Advanced AI detection software

Keep an Overview at All Times

With the graphical user interface, which can be provided directly on the production line and in the back office, you always have an overview of all the important information from the AI Surface Inspection System.
Live-View of the camera system
Automatic defect display and marking
Heatmap view
Information, statistics, and KPIs
Quality inspection user interface showing the live image, inspection results, and important KPIs

We were able to fully automate the quality inspection of our UV coating system thanks to Data Spree's AI technology.

Sascha Spartmann
Managing Director, Aluchrom GmbH

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