Bring Vision AI solutions to production without a single line of code.

Vision AI solutions on the Edge and in the Cloud with Data Spree Inference.

Deploy Vision AI into your production systems with just a few mouse clicks. Inference provides a comprehensive and configurable execution environment for Deep Neural Networks. Through a user-friendly interface, trained AI models can be quickly and easily executed for detection, classification and anomaly detection tasks. The results can be accessed via standard interfaces and displayed via the Inference user interface. This process takes only a few minutes. Time-consuming interface developments are now a matter of the past.

Running your AI models

The runtime environment of Data Spree Inference makes it possible for you to quickly and easily deploy different AI models for various applications in your facility. Inference supports a variety of AI model types for Image Classification, RoI Classification and Object Detection. Even the execution of different AI models at the same time (Multi-Model Inference) is possible without any additional effort.

  • Execution environment for trained AI models
  • Detection, classification and anomaly detection models supported
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Open ONNX compatibility


Connect Cameras and Inputs
Import Vision AI Model into Inference
Run Vision AI Model on the Edge or in the Cloud

User Interface

In the well-organized user interface of Data Spree Inference, AI models can be easily selected, integrated and executed within just a few mouse clicks. Programming is thus no longer necessary. Live data from cameras and sensors can be displayed, recorded and saved easily via the user interface. From now on, you can access the execution results of your system at any time via the live view.

  • Standard interfaces for tapping the AI model results
  • Interface for displaying the AI model results
  • Easy configuration
  • Heatmaps for AI analysis

Connect any Camera and Sensor

The wide-ranging and vendor-independent interfaces make connecting different camera and sensor hardware easy and user-friendly. AI models based on different camera and sensor data, whether 2D images, 3D point clouds, false color images or scanner data can be easily executed, displayed, captured and stored with Data Spree Inference.

  • 2D Cameras
  • Time-of-Flight and Stereo Cameras
  • Laser Scanners
  • Polarization Cameras
  • Extendable via custom plugins

Individual Vision Pipeline

Design your own AI runtime environment. Through the Inference user interface, you can compose, adjust and manage different AI networks based on different cameras and sensors in a clear and modular way. Monitor the execution  and results in real time along the entire process pipeline.

  • Individual configuration
  • Multi-model execution
  • Multi-sensor connections
  • Modularized pipelines

Custom Plugins

The open plugin structure of Data Spree Inference opens all possibilities for customizing your solution. Data Spree already provides many ready-to-use plugins for various applications, such as object tracking and counting. Integrate  your own Python-based plugins for your individual needs.

  • Write your own Python-based plugins
  • Data Spree application plugin library
  • Fully customizable to your own needs


The rollout of AI models into the production environment requires the right hardware with the appropriate computing capacity. The selection of the optimal hardware and computing system depends on your requirements in terms of data quantity, execution time and extra computational operations. There are numerous options for deploying AI models with Data Spree Inference: from smart cameras to industrial PCs to server racks, everything is possible. We support x86 and ARM-based platforms such as NVIDIA® Jetson™ and Intel® Movidius™.

Why you should use Data Spree AI for computer vision challenges.

Higher Accuracy
AI can meet the highest accuracy requirements.
Training iterations make machines even more
reliable than humans.

Increased Quality
Increase your quality continuously with AI and permanently meet the highest quality standards
in your daily business.

Faster Solutions
Isn't it nice when things just work?
With the Data Spreee AI Platform you can now implement the entire development cycle for AI solutions quickly and easily.

Complex Tasks
Solve vision challenges of any complexity with AI.
From simple object detection to complex semantic segmentation.

Efficient Development
Using the Data Spree AI Platform, AI-based solutions can
now be implemented leanly and effectively.
Say goodbye to countless lines of code.

Reduced Costs
AI solutions can significantly reduce costs, from process automation to quality control. Increase your productivity and reduce production rejects.
Let's talk about your project.
Adopt one of our ready-to-use solutions, start creating your deep-learning-based system, or tell us your requirements to let us build an individual application for you.