Smart Data Handling

Integrated into our end-to-end AI platform Deep Learning DS.

Data Management

Have a full overview of your data and of the events from live processes at all times. Deep Learning DS provides you with comprehensive data management and analysis capabilities to gain real-time insights from your production data. With Deep Learning DS, you continuously create added value about your data during ongoing operations, enable transparency and thereby leverage new potential.

Lucid Data Organization

In the Deep Learning DS user interface, you can organize and store your data sets and divide them into subsets (e.g. test data set and training data set). This allows an easy and clear organization even of large data sets.
Deep Learning DS with its intuitive data explorer

User-friendly Data Explorer

In the well-organized Deep Learning DS data explorer, you have full access to your data sets and data acquisition from production quickly and easily at any time.

Timeline for Analysis

Analyze your data sets and your data output from the production environment. Deep Learning DS thus enables far-reaching time series analyses of your production data with just a few mouse clicks and thus find potential for improvement in ongoing operations and for subsequent AI training.

Dataset Statistics

Via Deep Learning DS, your data flow from the production environment is continuously evaluated. Statistics about classification (e.g. OK / NOK evaluation) ordetection (e.g. detection of objects and features) offer full transparency about your production results at any time. This evaluation is the basis for the continuous optimization of your AI application.

Direct Data Categorization

The upload of production data to Deep Learning DS can be performed based on your individual data organization. Directly during the upload from the production environment, your data can be classified into subsets and assigned classes and characteristics.

Why you should use Deep Learning DS for Computer Vision Challenges.

Higher Accuracy
AI can meet the highest accuracy requirements.
Training iterations make machines even more
reliable than humans.

Increased Quality
Increase your quality continuously with AI and permanently meet the highest quality standards
in your daily business.

Faster Solutions
Isn't it nice when things just work?
With Deep Learning DS you can now implement the entire development cycle for AI solutions quickly and easily.

Complex Tasks
Solve vision challenges of any complexity with AI.
From simple object detection to complex semantic segmentation.

Efficient Development
With Deep Learning DS, AI-based solutions can
now be implemented leanly and effectively.
Say goodbye to countless lines of code.

Reduced Costs
AI solutions can significantly reduce costs, from process automation to quality control. Increase your productivity and reduce production rejects.
Ready for the AI Transformation?
Deep Learning DS is more than an AI platform. It is a way to leverage AI in your business.