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The diversity in food processing requires new technical methods for quality assurance and process automation. Our AI vision systems detect defects and deviations along the entire food processing chain, from harvested goods to processed end products. This includes reliable automatic sorting by size, color and grade.

Food Quality Inspection

With the help of our AI-based food inspection, processed and unprocessed food products can be reliably inspected for different types of defects. Whether defects, color defects, or processing defects, our AI can reliably identify and classify any deviations after training. Due to the real-time capability of the AI, an inspection can always be performed reliably even at high process speeds on the conveyor belt.

Crops Inspection and Sorting

When it comes to automated inspection and sorting of harvested goods, conventional image processing methods often fail due to the large variance. Our AI vision food inspection solutions detect defects and reliably sorts harvested goods by quality and class.

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