Quick and Efficient Data Annotation

Integrated into our end-to-end AI Platform.

Data Annotation

AI solutions are based on data. In Data Spree's AI Platform, creating image datasets and valid ground truth data is simple and fast. Any type of image data can be uploaded, managed and annotated. The AI Platform provides an efficient and time-saving data annotation process. Object tracking and automated annotation features help handle large image datasets. A quality checking process is integrated to ensure high data quality for good training results.

Easy and Fast Annotation

Annotate your data sets quickly and easily. Our user-friendly interface enables effective preparation of image and sensor data as well as good quality annotation of objects, features, defect patterns and much more.

Status Tracking

By tracking the annotation status of entire datasets down to each individual image, you can easily track annotation progress at any time.

Dataset Statistics

The right amount and a good balance of your data is the basis for a high performing AI. That's why a whole range of metrics give a transparent overview of the size, composition and quality of your ground truth data at any time.

Automated Annotation via Object Tracking

With automated data annotation, even large data sets can be prepared for AI training in a time- and cost-efficient way and with a high level of quality. This is not only convenient, but allows you to handle large data sets and achieve robust results faster.

Integrated Process for Quality Assurance

Using the integrated quality assurance process, you can perform a review of the data annotations, reject or release data records at any time. High data quality is the basis for the success of your AI application, with the integrated QA process you can ensure quality at any time.

Suitable for Image and Sensor Data

Data Spree's AI Platform has already been used to process satellite data, depth maps and lidar data (laser scans) in addition to 2D camera data. Any optical data output and corresponding data formats (.tif, .jpg, .png) can be annotated and successfully processed.

Rapid Upload from Various Sources

Upload your data quickly and easily via the intuitive user interface or use the direct upload of connected cameras via our Inference solution. The open REST API offer you the possibility to seamlessly integrate our AI Platform into your own systems and processes.

Secure Data Environment

In Data Spree's Cloud, your data is securely transferred and stored in encrypted form. Alternatively, the AI Platform can also be hosted completely locally (on-premises) without having to use cloud services.

Why you should use the Data Spree AI Platform for Computer Vision Challenges.

Higher Accuracy
AI can meet the highest accuracy requirements.
Training iterations make machines even more
reliable than humans.

Increased Quality
Increase your quality continuously with AI and permanently meet the highest quality standards
in your daily business.

Faster Solutions
Isn't it nice when things just work?
With the Data Spreee AI Platform you can now implement the entire development cycle for AI solutions quickly and easily.

Complex Tasks
Solve vision challenges of any complexity with AI.
From simple object detection to complex semantic segmentation.

Efficient Development
Using the Data Spree AI Platform, AI-based solutions can
now be implemented leanly and effectively.
Say goodbye to countless lines of code.

Reduced Costs
AI solutions can significantly reduce costs, from process automation to quality control. Increase your productivity and reduce production rejects.
Ready for the AI Transformation?
The Data Spree AI Platform is a way to leverage AI in your business.