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We offer AI vision solutions for robotics applications and autonomous transport systems to make logistics processes more efficient and the interaction between man and machine safer. Our AI vision solutions for quality inspection of goods and packaging processes support your employees and prevent errors in workflows and process chains.

Pick and Place

With our AI vision solutions for gripping, guiding and placing objects, we realize diverse robot applications together with our customers. In doing so, we combine 3D imaging processes with our AI, which can train the recognition of any object or product - regardless of material, surface or geometry. Objects are not only reliably detected, but also classified and localized in real time, and the optimal gripping point with position coordinates is transmitted to the robot controller.

Palletizing and Depalletizing

With our AI vision solution for palletizing and depalletizing, we realize efficient systems for automated loading and unloading of pallets. After training the AI, any objects, products and packages can be reliably detected, distinguished and localized in real time. As a result, even mixed and chaotic pallets can be palletized and depalletized automatically. Here, the combination of 3D imaging processes and our AI recognizes the position, rotation and optimal gripping point of each object and transmits these informations to the robot controller. Regardless of the material, surface or geometry of the objects, an organized loading and unloading of pallets can thus be automated safely and efficiently.

Packing Assistant

The AI vision packing assistant detects, classifies and localizes products and packaging, as well as the packing steps and packing sequence. Our  AI can be flexibly trained for different products, packaging units and workflows. Employees can thus be alerted to errors or suggested optimized packing steps via a display unit. This intelligent assistance function actively supports your employees and prevents errors in the long term.

Quality Assurance in the Goods Cycle

Our AI-based vision solutions for quality inspection in logistics use optical processes to check packages, packages, packaging or products for defects in various logistics and work processes. After appropriate training, our AI can recognize, distinguish and quickly and reliably inspect a wide variety of objects for different types of defects (cracks, surface defects, misprints, dents, etc.). Our solutions can be flexibly integrated, whether in a manual process or at high speeds on a conveyor belt.

AI-based object detection and environment perception for autonomous systems

With our AI-based vision solutions for environment perception and detection of obstacles and work objects, complex autonomous workflows can be safely implemented. With the help of 3D camera technology and AI, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) can reliably detect, classify and localize work objects and obstacles in real time. 3D camera technology is used to reliably measure distances to objects in the three-dimensional perception environment.

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