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Combining robots with modern AI technology opens up new possibilities for implementing complex automation processes robustly and more efficiently. Whether pick & place applications or collaborative robotics, our AI vision systems can successfully handle even the most complex objects and a high object variance. With the Data Spree Robot Plugin, the transfer of the object coordinates and the optimal gripping points determined by AI can be easily and quickly transferred to the robot controller - without any programming.

Pick and Place

With our AI vision solutions for gripping, guiding and placing objects, we realize diverse robot applications together with our customers. In doing so, we combine 3D imaging processes with our AI, which can train the recognition of any object or product - regardless of material, surface or geometry. Objects are not only reliably detected, but also classified and localized in real time, and the optimal gripping point with position coordinates is transmitted to the robot controller.

Bin Picking

Our AI vision bin picking solution for gripping objects from bins makes processes better and easier for robots. With the combination of AI and 3D imaging techniques, any object or product can be detected and localized in real time, and the optimal gripping point with position coordinates can be transmitted to the robot controller. In the process, any object or product can be trained and then reliably detected and gripped, regardless of material, surface or geometry.

Palletizing and Depalletizing

With our AI vision solution for palletizing and depalletizing, we realize efficient systems for automated loading and unloading of pallets. After training the AI, any objects, products and packages can be reliably detected, distinguished and localized in real time. As a result, even mixed and chaotic pallets can be palletized and depalletized automatically. Here, the combination of 3D imaging processes and our AI recognizes the position, rotation and optimal gripping point of each object and transmits these informations to the robot controller. Regardless of the material, surface or geometry of the objects, an organized loading and unloading of pallets can thus be automated safely and efficiently.

Collaborative Robotics

Our AI-based and real-time capable image processing approach is a way to make human-machine interactions in production and logistics safe. With appropriate training of our AI, collaborative work processes can be reliably implemented and safely automated. In doing so, each object and worker is detected, classified and localized after AI training. This flexibility enables new possibilities for working with a wide variety of robotic systems in a wide variety of industries.

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