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People Detection and Counting

With our AI vision solutions for privacy-compliant detection and counting of people, you maintain a full overview of visitor numbers and room occupancy at all times. Our AI reliably detects, locates and counts people in various environments and scenarios. Via our user interface, you always keep an eye on every situation and receive long-term statistical evaluations.

People Counting and Room Occupancy

With our precise AI solution for people counting, you can determine and analyze the number of people in your buildings. With our intelligent and proven algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence, a range of applications can be realized.

  • Reliable people counting (entrances and exits)
  • Analyzing sales areas and marketing strategy
  • Displaying the occupancy of people in the store in real time
  • Maximum people capacity can be set
  • Multiple cameras can be combined
  • Consideration of edge cases (e.g. increased number of people, moving objects, U-turns)
  • Data can be stored and analyzed in the long term
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