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Road and rail

Data Spree enables the monitoring of public spaces and roads under a wide range of weather conditions with AI vision solutions. The visual detection and tracking of vehicles, as well as the recognition of overtaking maneuvers and lane changes, opens up new possibilities for intelligent infrastructure monitoring. With artificial intelligence, we make roads and highways not only more efficient, but also safer.

Intelligent Lane Monitoring

Our intelligent lane monitoring solution detects, classifies, localizes and tracks vehicles and other road users with AI vision in real time. This enables the system to reliably detect various situations, such as overtaking, lane occupancy and lane changes in different weather conditions. Corresponding signals and alerts can be transmitted to various systems via an interface. This AI-based lane monitoring enables safer and better control and monitoring of traffic on roads and highways.

People Counting and Room Occupancy

With our precise AI solution for people counting, you can determine and analyze the number of people in your buildings. With our intelligent and proven algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence, a range of applications can be realized.

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