Analysis of Visitor Data and Display of Visitor Occupancy in Real Time

Analytics DS is a digital tool for visual data analysis that allows you to translate your counting data into meaningful information. This includes the clear presentation of various diagrams, key figures and tables of all relevant information.

We create transparency so that you can make the right decisions.

Analysis of the Number of Visitors

With Analytics DS, you can view all collected count data at any time in a clear and user-friendly interface. Select time periods, graphs, charts, key figures or data exports to perform your evaluations and analyses. Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone, Analytics DS can be reliably executed on any of these devices.

Evaluation of the Visitor Occupancy

Display the visitor load and evaluate when visitor peaks occur. Make the right decisions about the use of your resources.

You can combine several sensors into a group to cover even large buildings.

Intuitive Display of the Current Occupancy

Enable your customers and visitors to observe the current occupancy. This allows you to effectively control the number of customers who are in your store at any one time. The view is available for all web-enabled devices - whether display, tablet or smartphone.

Management of Sensors and Counting Groups

Analytics DS allows you to manage and configure all people counting sensors in one central location.

Assign multiple sensors to counting groups to define counting zones. If you want to monitor a separate area in detail, create a group and assign the corresponding sensors to the group. This allows you to analyze the utilization of individual floors or particularly frequented areas, for example.

Manual Counting

In addition to the automatic counting through sensors, you can also perform counts manually. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, this allows you to cover areas that are only to be counted temporarily, for instance.

If you expect a high volume of visitors at special events and functions and therefore want to observe certain areas with your staff, your staff can count the visitors via a mobile interface. The counts are synchronized with all devices via Analytics DS. Because all counts are included in Analytics DS, you always have an up-to-date overview.

Of course, your visitors and customers are not withheld from manual counts: With the display of the visitor utilization, your customers can see directly how high the occupancy is on site.

Compatible Counting Sensors

Analytics DS comes with out-of-the-box interfaces for the ifm O3D time-of-flight camera with Data Spree's people counting firmware. Furthermore, sensors such as the PC2 series from Xovis can directly push counting data to Analytics DS.

In case you would like to integrate your own counting system into Analytics DS, you can make use of its open REST API or contact us for finding an individual solution.

Open API

Analytics DS provides an open REST API to integrate accurate counting data into your services. You can view and edit your counting groups as well as your sensor information. Furthermore, you can retrieve the counting data of all groups using different aggregation windows (e.g., second, hour, day) and arbitrary time ranges.

Using the API of Analytics DS, you can also integrate other sensors and counting solutions.

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