Intuitive AI Training & Validation

Integrated into our end-to-end AI Platform.

AI Training and Validation

Our AI Platform offers state-of-the-art AI models for various computer vision tasks, such as classification and object detection. Each model is optimized to meet different accuracy, latency, and performance requirements. With no programming or machine learning skills required, AI training can be launched, tracked and evaluated at the touch of a button. Data augmentation and parameter optimization functions can be used manually or fully automatically.

Object Detection
Detection & Classification
Semantic Segmentation

More than 60 AI Models

Choose the ideal AI model for your individual application, from detection, classification to semantic segmentation. A wide selection of over 60 AI models from current research enables better results for solving your problem.

Parallel Training and Comparison of Multiple AI Models

Start multiple trainings with different AI models and parameter settings and compare the performance in terms of training time, evaluation results and execution speed.

Real-time Evaluation of AI Training

During training, the AI model is automatically evaluated on the fly. This means that you can check the training progress at any time during the training using various metrics and track the maturity of the AI model, without the need for time-consuming tests.

Parameter for Individual Requirements

With numerous parameters, you can tailor and train AI models to your individual needs. This allows you to achieve better performance for your application compared to standard models without customization options.

No Programming Needed

The entire process from training, exporting to running the AI model does not require any programming and is done entirely in the straightforward graphical user interface of our AI Platform.

Without Preliminary Knowledge to Your AI Solution

Train and evaluate your AI model with a few mouse clicks. With our AI Platform, you don't need any prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning to create complex AI models. Going from data to solutions has never been easier.

Why you should use the Data Spree AI Platform for Computer Vision Challenges.

Higher Accuracy
AI can meet the highest accuracy requirements.
Training iterations make machines even more
reliable than humans.

Increased Quality
Increase your quality continuously with AI and permanently meet the highest quality standards
in your daily business.

Faster Solutions
Isn't it nice when things just work?
With the Data Spreee AI Platform you can now implement the entire development cycle for AI solutions quickly and easily.

Complex Tasks
Solve vision challenges of any complexity with AI.
From simple object detection to complex semantic segmentation.

Efficient Development
Using the Data Spree AI Platform, AI-based solutions can
now be implemented leanly and effectively.
Say goodbye to countless lines of code.

Reduced Costs
AI solutions can significantly reduce costs, from process automation to quality control. Increase your productivity and reduce production rejects.
Ready for the AI Transformation?
The Data Spree AI Platform is a way to leverage AI in your business.