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Our AI vision solutions enable seamless quality inspections, even at high process speeds and with complex error patterns. Check your print quality, color fidelity and correct text representation based on AI - significantly increasing your production quality and reducing your costs.

Product Packaging Inspection

Our AI vision packaging inspection reliably inspects a wide variety of packaging types, packaging materials and coatings. After the AI training, even challenging defect types such as cracks, dents or misprints are detected, classified and localized in real time.

Image and Color Inspection

Our AI web inspection solutions can be used to identify and localize color deviations of varying degrees with pixel precision. In this way, you can reliably ensure the color fidelity of your printed products or packaging. Print errors in text and logo representations can also be trained via AI and identified accordingly in the process. Even slight deviations and errors are reliably detected and localized.

Print image monitoring with AI web inspection

Our AI-based web inspection solution is able to reliably detect, classify and localize various image deviations, print defects and material defects in real time. Even highly reflective or transparent surfaces, laminations and coatings are no problem for the AI web inspection in combination with polarization technology for a reliable quality inspection.

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