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For autonomous automated guided vehicles, vision systems and intelligent data processing form the basis for the effective and safe use of AGVs in production and logistics environments. Our AI vision solutions for visual orientation and obstacle detection enable the safe realization of complex autonomous work and transport processes between humans and machines.

AI-based object detection and environment perception for autonomous systems

With our AI-based vision solutions for environment perception and detection of obstacles and work objects, complex autonomous workflows can be safely implemented. With the help of 3D camera technology and AI, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) can reliably detect, classify and localize work objects and obstacles in real time. 3D camera technology is used to reliably measure distances to objects in the three-dimensional perception environment.

AI-based people detection for autonomous systems

For safe interactions between humans and machines, we offer AI-based optical person recognition in combination with 3D camera technology. Along roadways and work areas, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) can detect and locate people in real time and estimate distances very accurately and safely using 3D camera technology. Prevent accidents and increase safety for your employees with AI people detection.

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