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Modern optical methods paired with artificial intelligence (AI) create new opportunities for the semiconductor industry to better control processes and sustainably increase quality. Our AI vision systems support the early identification of defective wafers and their removal from the production process. The inspection of transport carriers or FOUPs for silicon residues, contamination or damage ensures smooth processes in production.

Wafer Surface Inspection

With AI-based surface inspection, reliable inline inspection of complex surface structures on semiconductor wafers is feasible in real time. Surface defects such as impurities, etch residues, cracks and fractures can be identified, classified and localized via our AI vision solutions and thus removed from the production process at an early stage.

FOUP Carrier Inspection

In addition to the visual inspection of products, our AI-based solutions also enable the inspection of production carriers during the ongoing manufacturing process. To ensure a smooth semiconductor production, an automatic inspection of the FOUPs for silicon residues, damages, splinters and contamination is recommended. This visual FOUP inspection excludes error causes in subsequent processes and thus guarantees a more efficient overall process.

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