Better quality of metallic components and surfaces.

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Steel, aluminum, copper or non-ferrous metals - with our AI vision solutions for visual inspection, any metallic surfaces and components can be reliably checked for a wide variety of defect patterns. Use AI vision for automated inspections within your processing chains and achieve better quality, leaner processes and less wasted material.

Inspection of Metal Surfaces

Our AI-based surface inspection is capable of visually inspecting a wide variety of metals and coatings for complex defect types and classifying the quality. Whether after rolling, pickling, galvanizing or tinning, our AI can be trained to inspect any type of surface and surface structure. Our AI can identify, classify and localize relatively obvious surface defects as well as complex structural defects or small deviations in real time.

Component Inspection for Metallic Pieces and Formed Parts

With the help of AI-based component inspection, metallic workpieces or formed parts can be reliably checked for various types of defects. Whether stamping, bending or deep drawing processes, our AI identifies and classifies any deviations, such as cracks, dents, tears, scratches and false impressions, after appropriate training. The real-time capability of the AI means that an inspection can always be carried out reliably, also at high process speeds on the conveyor belt.

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