Meet the highest Quality Standards.

Achieving the Highest Quality Standards Sustainably with Artificial Intelligence.

Reliably resolve complex quality related issues

Production defects occur in a wide variety of forms across a wide range of industries - often impossible to identify for standard systems. AI-based optical inspection systems learn to reliably detect, localize and classify real defect images of the highest complexity.

Respond more quickly to any changes

With changes in production processes, error patterns often change as well. Artificial intelligence can handle error variations with confidence, and our AI Platform makes retraining the AI and responding quickly to changes in the process fast and easy.

Measure error frequency and identify causes more quickly

Data Spree's data management functions offer the possibility of documenting error frequencies and error types in real time. Statistical evaluations and historical analyses can also be used to identify and eliminate the causes of errors more quickly.

AI Platform for Quality Inspection

Today's demands for consistently high product quality and QM standards such as Six Sigma require new technical options for automated inspection. The Data Spree AI Platform enables you to detect errors in your production at an early stage, correct them promptly and continuously optimize your production quality in the long term.
The AI Platform Deep Learning DS used for quality assurance.

Integrated AI Platform for Every Step.

Connect Cameras
Automatically Collect Image Data
Train AI for Inspection & Automation
Deploy AI
Integration of PLC and Robots with AI
Gather Data, Results & Statistics for Insights

1. Connect cameras, sensors and other sources with our AI Platform to acquire data.

2. Data acquisition: So-called ground truth data form the basis for the successful training of AI models.

3. AI models are trained and evaluated for monitoring and automation tasks with a just a few mouse clicks.

4. Deploy AI for real-time execution using Data Spree Inference.

5. The fully trained AI can be quickly integrated into existing and newly designed systems.

6. High quality data is generated and analyzed during AI execution (inference). This makes processes transparent and measurable.

Identify even difficult production faults and eliminate them in time

Data Spree offers all possibilities of AI-based optical inspection of components and surfaces. AI-based inspection learns to recognize defect patterns based on real data and thus enables even the most complex defect patterns to be reliably identified, categorized and localized.

  • Reliably detect even highly complex defect patterns with AI-based optical inspections
  • Flexibly integrate different camera technologies
  • Overcome difficult obstacles of your quality assurance process with AI - and without a single line of programming code
  • Unlock new potential with AI to optimize your production quality and set new standards

Reduce production wastage and increase return on investment (ROI)

Data Spree's efficient workflow for creating and extending AI-based optical inspection functionalities enables a fast troubleshooting process, even under changing conditions. This reduces costs and efforts and leads to higher ROIs faster.

  • Efficient AI deployment with Data Spree enables faster return on investment of your automated optical inspection processes (ROI)
  • Continuously optimize your production quality via AI training and thus increase your customer satisfaction
  • Minimize production waste in the long term and achieve business goals faster with AI-based inspection systems
  • Save time and integration costs with the lean Data Spree AI workflow

Full transparency about error frequency and error categories

Data Spree's data management functions provide a full overview of detected errors, frequency and error categories in real time as well as over time. This means that all important key figures are always available in a statistically processed and comprehensible form.

  • Continuously create a data basis for the use of AI in your inspection processes to increase quality and customer satisfaction
  • You have a full overview of key figures such as rejects, defect frequency, defect categories, etc. at all times via detailed statistics
  • Use time series and history analyses for long-term evaluation of your production quality
  • Find error causes and remediation options faster via Data Spree data management

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