We accelerate Deep Learning
for Computer Vision

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From Data to Solutions

We are Data Spree. Since 2018 we provide leading software technology to unleash the full potential of AI in the world of computer vision.
Our approach is capable of developing and implementing solutions for almost every vision problem along all kinds of industries.

Object Detection
Detection & Classification
Semantic Segmentation

AI has never been that easy and reliable before.

deep neural networks for computer vision without a single line of code

With Deep Learning DS you can exploit the full potential of deep neural networks and develop comprehensive solutions for new and varied computer vision challenges.

  • Create datasets and annotate images
  • Train & evaluate deep neural networks
  • Deploy your deep neural networks for production use
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Together with our partners we create the future of vision.

Why you should use Data Spree AI for computer vision challenges.

Higher Accuracy
AI can meet the highest accuracy requirements.
Training iterations make machines even more
reliable than humans.

Increased Quality
Increase your quality continuously with AI and permanently meet the highest quality standards
in your daily business.

Faster Solutions
Isn't it nice when things just work?
With Deep Learning DS you can now implement the entire development cycle for AI solutions quickly and easily.

Complex Tasks
Solve vision challenges of any complexity with AI.
From simple object detection to complex semantic segmentation.

Efficient Development
With Deep Learning DS, AI-based solutions can
now be implemented leanly and effectively.
Say goodbye to countless lines of code.

Reduced Costs
AI solutions can significantly reduce costs, from process automation to quality control. Increase your productivity and reduce production rejects.

Custom Solutions

We accompany you every step of the way. Data Spree supports every customer for an individual, fast and smooth implementation, accompanied by additional advice from our experts.Let’s talk about how you can use Deep Learning to solve your vision challenges.
Smart Production
Data Spree uses AI-based computer vision to make production sites smarter, safer, faster, and more efficient.
State-of-the-Art AI models perform even better than humans. Our AI-based vision systems are able to meet the highest quality requirements.
Close to Nature.
Manage the high complexity of harvesting and food processing, even under difficult environmental conditions like dust or sunlight.
Supply Chain of the Future
Manage the high complexity of harvesting and food processing, even under difficult environmental conditions like dust or sunlight.
Smarter Roads & Rails.
Data Spree helps to recognize and classify vehicles, people, and other objects on road- and railways in real time. And thus makes our streets a safer place.
Let's talk about your project.
Adopt one of our ready-to-use solutions, start creating your deep-learning-based system, or tell us your requirements to let us build an individual application for you.

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