Automate Production Processes within Hours, not Months.

Increase Your Automation Level with the
Data Spree AI Platform

High RoI by short implementation time

Using learning methods and artificial intelligence, automation projects can be implemented much more efficiently. Without a single line of programming code and thanks to data-based methods, implementation time is reduced and RoI is increased.

Continuous improvement and rapid adjustments

Modifications of automation solutions due to new materials and products are commonplace. With Data Spree's AI Platform models can be improved quickly and easily and thus adapted to new circumstances.

New application fields and high precision

Artificial intelligence enables completely new automation initiatives, measurably increasing the efficiency of your processes. AI algorithms maintain high accuracy even under the most adverse conditions.

AI Platform for Automation

The digital transformation of automation programs in the manufacturing environments of Industry 4.0 creates new challenges, but also new opportunities. Our AI Platform offers you all the possibilities to manage large visual data volumes in the future and to implement and optimize your automation faster and more efficiently with artificial intelligence (AI).
The AI Platform Deep Learning DS used for Automation tasks.

Integrated AI Platform for Every Step.

Connect Cameras in Automation Environment
Automatically Collect Image Data
Train AI for Process Automation
Deploy AI in Automation Environment
Integration of PLC and Robots with AI
Gather Data, Results & Statistics for Insights

1. Connect cameras, sensors and other sources with Data Spree's AI Platform to acquire data.

2. Data acquisition: So-called ground truth data form the basis for the successful training of AI models.

3. AI models are trained and evaluated for automation tasks with a just a few mouse clicks.

4. Deploy AI for real-time execution using Data Spree Inference.

5. The fully trained AI can be quickly integrated into existing and newly designed systems.

6. High quality data is generated and analyzed during AI execution (inference). This makes the automated processes transparent and measurable.

Solve Complex Problems and Improve Processes

With Data Spree's AI Platform, automation tasks can be realized and optimized much more efficiently using data-based learning methods, from standard applications to highly complex robot integration - and without a single line of programming code.

  • Integrate AI-based image processing into your automation quickly and easily with the AI Platform
  • Integrate various camera systems, robotics and production interfaces
  • Solve highly complex automation challenges with AI - and without a single line of programming code
  • Leverage new potentials for automating and increasing the efficiency of your processes with AI

Faster Return on Investment (ROI) with Data Spree

To solve automation tasks, an AI is trained with a few mouse clicks rather than developing and integrating a solution from scratch - saving a lot of time and integration costs.

  • Intuitive development of AI algorithms
  • Save time and integration costs with the lean Data Spree AI workflow
  • Achieve your technical and business goals faster with AI
  • Continuously optimize the performance of your automation via AI training
  • Efficient AI adoption enables a faster return on your automation investment (ROI)

Get More out of Your Data

Data Spree's data management not only provides full transparency on the performance of your equipment with statistics and metrics, but also the basis for the next AI-based automation steps and the continuous improvement of your processes.

  • Continuously create a data foundation for the long-term use of AI in your automation and thus long-term productivity gains with Data Spree's AI Platform
  • You have a full overview of key figures such as quantities, production errors, rejects, etc. at all times via statistics.
  • Benefit from time series and history analysis to evaluate your automation over the long term

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