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Retail & Logistics Solutions

In times of global networking, the trade and retail sector is under increasing pressure and market shares are highly competitive. Leading retail companies know that efficiency and streamlined processes are the key to success. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, logistical processes and value chains can be greatly streamlined by identifying, allocating, and counting products, packaging units, operating resources or customers fully automatically.

With solutions from AI-based image processing, Data Spree enables retail and logistics companies to automate their diverse flows of goods by reliably detecting and classifying a wide variety of products and packaging. Using AI-based person recognition, retail companies have a complete overview of the number and purchasing behavior of their customers at all times.

Recognition and Differentiation of Products and Packaging Units

In order to be able to control the variety of different products and packaging even in automated warehouse processes, intelligent and fast learning image processing methods are required. With a trained AI, any product category can be detected, classified and, for example, unpacked, packed or correctly sorted and deposited by robots. In the same way, different cardboard boxes and packaging units can be detected, classified and, for example, palletized, depalletized or moved by robots. For inspection or quality assurance, AI-based image processing can also categorize, count or check different products or cartons for damage in real time on the conveyor belt before they are put into storage or leave the warehouse. This makes warehouse and logistics processes faster, more efficient and more accurate.

Key Applications
  • Detection and classification of products and packaging
  • Sorting and arranging objects
  • Counting of products, packaging units or packages
  • Damage control

Autonomous Storage

Autonomous storage systems and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) are part of modern warehouses and logistics centres. However, a high degree of autonomy in particular means a great need for information and logic in order to correctly assess complex situations and react appropriately. AI-based image processing can reliably detect and classify various operating resources such as pallets, transport boxes or shelves in real time. Thus, autonomous high racks, robots and AGVs can be enabled to perform autonomous work processes correctly and above all safely. Systems that interact with people, such as robots or AGVs, are enabled to distinguish people from obstacles or equipment by means of AI-based image processing. Artificial intelligence is therefore an important building block for the autonomous warehousing and logistics of the future.

Key Applications
  • Automatic palletizing and depalletizing
  • Pick and place tasks
  • Image processing for AGVs and autonomous storage systems
  • Detection of shelf filling

Identifying and Counting Customers

Transparency of customer traffic in retail stores is the basis for gaining important insights into store performance and customer behavior. The number of customers and the customer movement in the stores during the course of the day are basic indicators in retail, which can be reliably generated using AI-based image processing. With AI-based image processing, even high customer numbers and large customer movements can be recorded in real time, whereby different characteristics such as gender, clothing or height can be taken into account accordingly. Artificial intelligence also makes it possible to exclude foreign objects and personnel or to classify customers according to characteristics such as gender or age.

Key Applications
  • Counting customer traffic
  • Classification of customers and visitors
  • Monitoring and control of visitor capacity
  • Analysis of customer movements
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