Thesis (Bachelor/Master)

Who are we?

We follow the vision of making deep learning accessible to everyone. Our deep learning platform enables inexperienced users to create individual deep neural networks for various use cases in computer vision. As a leading provider of AI software, we design solutions for numerous domains: industrial automation, manufacturing, retail, surveillance, logistics, and transportation. We founded Data Spree in 2018, and our headquarters is in Berlin, Germany.

Thesis at Data Spree

At Data Spree, we're working with state-of-the-art technologies and methods and are looking for passionate people with a strong interest in deep learning and optimization problems. We support you with finding an appropriate topic for your thesis and provide you with the means (e.g. computing power) to conduct your research. You will get a mentor from Data Spree next to your supervisor from your university.

What experience do you need?

We're looking for people who are passionate about deep learning and artificial intelligence for computer vision tasks. You should be willing to join a young team of ethusiasts that try to squeeze out what's possible using a lot of data and processing power.

  • Strong programming experience (e.g., Python, depending on the research topic)
  • Structured and methodical approach
  • Motivation to dive deep into interesting topics
  • Good understanding of linear algebra

Research Topics

  • Comparison of Tracking Algorithms on 2D Planes
  • Unknown Obstacle Detection for increased Road Safety
  • On Advances of Optical Character Recognition using Deep Learning
  • Comparison of Box Orientation Estimation Algorithms for Object Detection
  • Effectiveness of Data Augmentation Methods for the Detection of Rotated Objects in Images
  • Leveraging additional Data for Object Detection using Semi-supervised Learning
  • Uncertainty Estimation for Object Detection Models
  • A Lightweight Inference Engine for Deep Neural Networks written in Rust
  • Optimization Algorithms for Package Stacking
  • Your own ideas!

Apply now!

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