Our Mission:
Making Deep Learning for Computer Vision accessible to everyone.

We at Data Spree are experts for Deep Learning from Berlin. With our approaches in the areas of image processing and artificial intelligence in combination with industrial automation, we realize highly sophisticated solutions for our customers.

The implementation of computer vision scenarios is our core area of expertise and is backed by deep learning. In particular for the evaluation of point clouds and sensor data we use methods that have been proven in numerous projects. As a data-driven company we use the latest research results in the field of artificial intelligence such as Convolutional Neural Networks based on Inception Architectures for our powerful algorithms. We accompany our customers from the identification of the specific use cases to the implementation of the solution and the deployment of our algorithms, including classifications, object recognition and tracking.

In addition, we support predictive maintenance initiatives, provide support for system integration and automate workflows. We create end-to-end solutions that include data exploration, data analysis and intuitive visualizations.

Data Spree products are based on our experience with the special requirements of machine learning projects. Our Lean Startup approach prioritizes rapid prototyping based on case-specific data as a necessary starting point.